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Economic Gender Inequalities in Romania

The gender pay gap in Romania is lower than in other EU member states, but the overall gender inequality is among the highest and little progress was made in the recent years in this regard. A more detailed analysis of the situation of women in Romania reveals striking gender economic inequalities.

The gender inequality has major implications not only for the women’s professional life, but also for their personal life and for society as a whole. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania launches the study "Economic Gender Inequalities in Romania", authors Ștefan Guga and Alexandra Sindreștean. The study addresses the issue of gender inequality from an economic perspective, analyzing the position of women in the labor market, the feminization of economic sectors, the gender pay gap, as well as the public policies aiming to reduce gender inequalities.

Bucharest, 6th December 2021,  10.00-11.30 AM EEST
Online format – ZOOM

10.00 Welcome speech, Juliane Schulte, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania
10.05 Presentation of the main results of the study “Economic Gender Inequalities in Romania”, authors Ștefan Guga and Alexandra Sindreștean, Syndex Romania
10.25 How do we reduce gender inequality in Romania? Oana Băluță, Associate Professor PhD, University of Bucharest
10.35 Discussions and comments
11.30 End of the debate 

The working language of the event is Romanian.
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