Military spending in Europe. What Role and Leadership Model for Germany?

Kremlin’s unprovoked war against Ukraine has shattered the European collective security system that was patiently built up since the 1970s. With the prospect of large-scale wars between states in Europe being again possible, the question of military capacity has made it to the top of Europe’s political agenda.

In reaction to the Russian aggression the most dramatic change was announced in Germany, which will increase military spending to more than 2% of GDP and will commit an additional €100 billion euro on defense — twice the current annual defense budget. Germany’s foreign policy model has entered into a period of accelerated transformation and the sharp increase in defense spending is one of the new directions taking shape.

Other European countries have already increased their military spending or are already planning to take it to a higher level. Against this background, we would like to take a critical look at the developments set in motion by the increase in military spending in the European political space and to explore what role Germany is prepared to assume on developing the idea of collective/common defense, as well as on other areas of European integration.

To answer these questions, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania and the Romanian Diplomatic Institute are pleased to invite you to a discussion on the topic:

Military spending in Europe. What Role and Leadership Model for Germany?


Wednesday, 12 April 2023, Bucharest, 17 Primaverii Blvd.

10:30 – 12:00 h

More details about the program of the event can be accessed here: invitation.

The languages of the event will be German-Romanian with simultaneous translation.

For registration please send an email to: cristian.chiscop(at)fes.de


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