The IT sector in Romania - an exception that confirms the rule?

The IT sector in Romania has enjoyed special attention, both from public policies and from the media.

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Public and political discourse often invokes Romania's competitive advantages when it comes to IT activities, provided mainly by qualified personnel, but also the perspective of overcoming a stage of economic underdevelopment following the model of the sector.

The debate on the IT sector therefore concerns the general issue of the country's social and economic development, as well as the issue of income inequalities or tax redistribution.

Against this background, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania invites you to launch the study “Exception that confirms the rule: developments in the IT sector in Romania”, authors Ștefan Guga and Marcel Spătari (Syndex Romania). The study addresses the economic relevance of the IT sector, labor market trends, the evolution of companies in the sector in the global context and the dominant business models.

How different is the IT sector from the rest of the Romanian economy? Are the fiscal incentives applied to the sector justified? What are the prospects for increasing productivity and ensuring a sustainable income? These are just a few questions that we invite you to discuss with the study authors.

Time schedule:

  • 10.30 Welcome from the organizers
  • 10.35 Presentation of the study “The exception that confirms the rule: evolutions in the IT sector in Romania”, Ștefan Guga and Marcel Spătari (authors, Syndex Romania)
  • 11.15 Discussions
  • 12.30 Closure of debate

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Guga, Ştefan; Spatari, Marcel

The exception that proves the rule

Evolutions in Romanian IT
Bucharest, 2021

Download publication (7,5 MB PDF-File)

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