The minimum wage and the decent minimum living. From myths to opportunities

Increases of the minimum wage in recent years have been constantly criticized.

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"Raising the minimum wage fuels inflation." "Increasing the minimum wage leads to rising unemployment and undeclared work." "Increasing the minimum wage leads to the bankruptcy of some sectors of activity." These are just some of the criticisms leveled at raising the minimum wage by various voices in politics, the press or society.
Despite the controversy about the minimum wage, the public debate has been and is largely devoid of empirical arguments. Against this background, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Romania organized an online event on the 28th of April 2021 on the topic of the minimum wage, as a launch of the study “Minimum wage and decent minimum living. From myths to opportunities ”, author Ștefan Guga (Syndex Romania).
The study analyzes 10 of the main criticisms brought to the minimum wage, dismantling with empirical date the “myths” circulated in the public debate in Romania.

Guga, Ştefan

Salariul minim şi traiul minim decent

De la mituri la oportunităţi
Bucharest, 2021

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