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The fact that Romania is a poor country, that it has the lowest salaries in the European Union and the lowest standard of living are well-known things. But these evidences are far from exhausting the complexity of the Romanian social reality, which hides paradoxes, contradictions and counterintuitive truths. We invite you to discover them on the Social Monitor!

What is the Social Monitor? It is a project that aims to present the Romanian social realities in figures and data in order to encourage the informed public debate. Digits?! The numbers are for statisticians, for economists! It is not true, the figures are for all those interested, provided they are presented in an accessible and attractive manner. This is what the Social Monitor is trying to do.

What is the Social Monitor for? It helps us to confront our own perceptions and subject them to the empirical test. Perceptions are most often influenced by personal experience, the environment in which we live and the dominant public discourse. The Social Monitor helps us to better understand the surrounding reality and the problems Romania faces. To all those interested, the Social Monitor offers the possibility to form documented opinions, based on data and information from official sources.

How do we use the Social Monitor? First, as an information resource, where various information can be found about the way poverty and wealth are distributed, about the structure of the labor market, about the gap between different regions and between Romania and other countries. Then, as an information tool - our infographics can be distributed on social networks, can be used by the press and by all those interested.

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