Cooperation for peace and security

Fully committed to our mission to promote international understanding and cooperation, we bring to the foreground progressive voices and ideas that contribute to an informed public debate on foreign policy and discuss options and alternative paths to achieve an inclusive European security for all, away from brinkmanship, uncertainty, and, above all, suspicion in other's actions and intentions.

As nationalist and isolationist tendencies re-emerge in Europe, and instability regains ground in the European neighbourhood and elsewhere in the world, we believe it is worth making efforts to strengthen cohesion inside the EU and build a stronger sense of shared norms and values. The world around us grows more complex and more challenging, and so does the need for coordinated action and collective strive among member states. We recognize the increasing importance of maintaining "habits of dialogue" and foster new ones to tackle traditional as well as more non-conventional aspects of stability and security in the European Neighbourhood, to alleviate concerns and to explore ways to turn them into opportunities for development and peace.

In the same vein, tackling security challenges of global dimension like disarmament, climate change and digitalization, would only be possible by returning to the logic of multilateralism and improving international governance through institutions. In cooperation with our partners, we support an active exchange of ideas among decision and opinion makers on these issues and encourage the ongoing dialogue with critical strategic thinking and policy recommendations.


Tuesday, 07.12.2021 - Online | Cooperation for peace and security | Events, Publications, News

Romania´s foreign policy consensus has proven successful over the past three decades: it has allowed the country to remain an island of relative…


03.11.2021 | Cooperation for peace and security | News

Lecture series on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Chancellor Willy Brandt


Tuesday, 28.09.2021 | Cooperation for peace and security | Events, News

The reflection process started by the Secretary General Stoltenberg in 2019 under the heading 'NATO 2030' has so far produced several core ideas along…


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