Thursday, 11.03.2021 - Online Discussion

Global Europe and Great Power Competition

The international environment is unravelling at a breathtaking pace, and geopolitical rivalry, including in the areas of technology, infrastructure development, trade, and sea power, is resurfacing with renewed strength.

If Europe wants to improve its strategic coherence and weight in the global arena, it needs to adjust its internal mechanisms and calibrating instruments and avoid being caught in the middle of great power competition and trade wars weak and unprepared.

Like no other part of the European continent, Eastern Europe is experimenting directly the pressures of these re-awakened forces of great power competition. With its own understanding of strategic sovereignty and distinct views of the strategic environment, it needs to be taken on board if the EU is to leverage its collective potential on the global stage. But how exactly does this understanding affect perceptions in this part of Europe regarding the strategic challenges facing the European bloc? What are Europe’s strengths and weaknesses that it needs to address? And what direction should the EU take when dealing with today’s great powers, be they friends or competitors?

To discuss these questions, the Bucharest Office of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is happy to invite you to the launch of a study dedicated to the topic: "Global Europe and Great Power Competition. Options and Possible Solutions from an Eastern European Perspective", authors Radu Magdin and Viorel Isticioaia-Budura. 

The online event will take place through the electronic platform ZOOM. The language of the meeting will be English.

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