Podcast Series ”About the Holocaust”

About the Holocaust - A podcast series that reminds us what not to forget! A material that brings to the fore a history hidden under the rug and recovered, produced by the National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania "Elie Wiesel" with the support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania.

For almost seven decades, the Holocaust was a taboo subject, an episode in the history of Romania that some wanted to be forgotten. For some of us, it continues to be a denied or ignored fact. Whether we like it or not, whether we comprehend it or not, whether we can accept it or not, there was a Holocaust in Romania. There were anti-Semitic laws, crimes, violence, the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people persecuted on arbitrary criteria that were impossible to understand. There are photographs, documents, testimonies that bring to light what some would have wanted to be forgotten.

Today, we rediscover, recover, and learn to accept that the Holocaust is part of our recent past. Remembrance helps us to be aware and to be vigilant in the face of the dangers of hatred. Acceptance has a winding path. Often, it intersects with denial. It is much easier to deny or ignore. Assumption, however, is a sure way to "healing."

The podcast series ”About the Holocaust” is not a history lesson. It is an honest dialogue in which we try to answer questions that many of us probably have: who denies the Holocaust? Why and when to talk about the Holocaust in schools? What do the photos of the Holocaust tell us? Who were the perpetrators and who were the saviors? Why Roma and Jew instead of ”țigan” and ”jidan”?

Ana Bărbulescu and Marius Cazan, researchers of the "Elie Wiesel" Institute, invite us to an open discussion with historians, teachers, writers, survivors, to rediscover history from a different perspective and to understand why it is important to assume the past.

Podcast #1: What do the photos tell us of the Iasi Pogrom?

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Podcast #2:The Iasi Pogrom. Recollections of a survivor 

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Podcast #3: Expulsion and reinvention: a testimony about the deportation in Transnistria

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