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Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania Office Str. Emanoil Porumbaru 21 Apartment 3 RO-011421 Bucuresti Sector 1 Romania 0040 21 211 09 82 0040 21 210 71 91 Team and…  
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18. Friedrich Ebert Scholarship for young progressive activists  
Romania needs politicians who understand the challenges that the Romanian society is facing and are able to build alliances for progress. This requires undisguised involvement and devotion for the…  
19. Simulation Game on Local Politics  
The strategy game is a method of political education that aims to simulate as real as possible the activity of an existing political institution. The project aims to counteract the lack of…  
20. Sustainable Romania Lecture Series  
Twenty years later “sustainability” has developed into one of the key concepts and political challenges of our time. Climate change is making us aware of the limits of our planet – and at the same…  
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