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18.08.2021 | Democracy and good governance | Events, News
Training program for history teachers
The ultra-nationalist discourse, marked by xenophobia and intolerance towards minorities or immigrants, has been making its presence felt throughout Europe for many years. Romania is no exception,…  
15.06.2021 | Social-ecological transformation | Events, Publications
Unequal Romania. Regional disparities in Romania - How do they look like and how to overcome them?
Since joining the EU in 2007, Romania has seen impressive economic growth and has managed to enter the circle of so-called high-income countries.  
31.05.2021 | Democracy and good governance | News
F-Sides Cineclub Season Two to Debut in June
F-SIDES, the first Romanian film club dedicated exclusively to films made by women, returns in 2021 with the second edition.  
27.05.2021 | Democracy and good governance | Events
Study Launch: "Private Tutoring in Romania: a Parallel or Complementary Educational System?"
What are the causes of the expansion of the phenomenon of private tutoring, what is its impact on the mass education system? Are the principles of ethics and deontology of teachers respected? And how…  
13.04.2021 | Social-ecological transformation | Events
Towards a new energy future: energy cooperatives and the transition to a green economy
The transition to a renewable energy economy is an opportunity for more and more citizens to play an active role in the energy system.  
86. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Romania  
The Romania Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) was established in 1994 to promote democracy, the rule of law and social justice and to accompany Romania’s integration in to the European…  
87. Friedrich Ebert Scholarship for young progressive activists  
Romania needs politicians who understand the challenges that the Romanian society is facing and are able to build alliances for progress. This requires undisguised involvement and devotion for the…  
10.03.2021 | Cooperation for peace and security | Events, Publications
Global Europe and Great Power Competition
The international environment is unravelling at a breathtaking pace, and geopolitical rivalry, including in the areas of technology, infrastructure development, trade, and sea power, is resurfacing…  
09.03.2021 | Social-ecological transformation | Events
Restoration of the railway infrastructure in Romania and PNRR
Land transportation is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the European Union.  
90. Social-ecological transformation  
Our societies are facing one of the biggest challenges in our history – a ecological crisis that endangers the very human existence. But the ecological crisis is not the only one. Inequality is…  
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