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31. Romania in change - Rumänien 2024: Herausforderungen für das politische Mitte-Links-Spektrum  
Rumänien 2024: Herausforderungen für das politische Mitte-Links-Spektrum Die Wahlkämpfe 2024 in Rumänien sind von vielfältigen, sich aneinanderreihenden Krisen geprägt. Der Krieg in der Ukraine wird…  
27.02.2024 | Trade unions and social dialogue | News
Price caps in Romania. What was the impact of the government's measures?
Government regulation of energy and basic food prices has led to an average 11% reduction in the cost of goods and services needed for a decent living for a family with two children, or 1118…  
19.02.2024 | Democracy and good governance | News
Start for the Friedrich Ebert Scholarship for Young Progressive Activists 2024
We are opening the registration session for our annual training program "Friedrich Ebert Scholarship for Young Progressive Activists".  
34. Friedrich Ebert Scholarship for young progressive activists - Register online  
Register online The registration is done online, by filling in the form.  
14.02.2024 | Trade unions and social dialogue | Events, News
Trade union organizing programme for workers in commerce sector (Predeal, 9-11 February 2024)
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania organized on 9-11 February 2024, in Predeal, in partnership with UNI-SEEOC (UNI Global's South-East European Centre), a training program for Sindicom’s members, the…  
37. Social Monitor - Monitorul Social  
Monitorul Social  
38. Romania in change - Romania în schimbare  
Romania în schimbare  
20.12.2023 | not topic related | News
Happy Holiday!
We wish you a peaceful end of the year and relaxing holidays. We look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!  
05.12.2023 | Cooperation for peace and security | Events
The consequences of a protracted war in Ukraine. Are the sanctions against Russia working?
Since the start of the war of aggression against Ukraine in February 2022, the EU has imposed eleven rounds of sanctions against the Russian Federation. Are these sanctions against Russia working?  
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