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18.01.2023 | Democracy and good governance | News
Video - The political representation of women in Romania
After 1989, the political representation of women is one of the indicators of the quality of democracy where Romania is constantly in the last places at the European level.  
23.12.2022 | not topic related | News
Christmas greeting
FES Romania wishes you a peaceful end of the year, Happy Holidays with your loved ones and all the best for the New Year.  
09.12.2022 | Democracy and good governance | Events
Voting at 16? Arguments for and against lowering the voting age to 16
The discussion about the political participation of young people is worth having for the multidimensional impact it can have on the consolidation of democracy in Romania.  
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16.11.2022 | Social-ecological transformation | Events
City of the future– towards a more sustainable urban mobility. How can we ”copenhagenize” our cities?
In an age of increased urbanisation, strained public health and continued addiction to the automobile, modern mobility solutions are needed more than ever. Bicycles are an important tool for…  
07.11.2022 | Social-ecological transformation | News
Update of the minimum consumption basket for a decent living 2022
The Friedrich Ebert Romania Foundation and Syndex Romania have updated the value of the monthly consumption basket for a decent living for the current year. Below you can find a link to the updated…  
13.10.2022 | Trade unions and social dialogue | Events
Online Platforms, Platform Work and Platform Workers in Portugal, Romania, Spain and Germany: What can we learn from each other?
The platform economy has been expanding in Spain, Portugal, Romania and Germany in the last decade. However, only in Spain and Portugal new legislations have been adopted by the national…  
30.09.2022 | Democracy and good governance | Other Publications, News
Translation: How to tackle antisemitism in school?
In light of its historic responsibility for the Holocaust and its accumulated experience over the past 30 years on the topic of Holocaust education, Germany has developed recommendations for the…  
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