Trade unions and social dialogue

Workers rights are at risk everywhere in the world. The right to establish or join a trade union, the right to collective bargaining and the freedom of speech and assembly are under increasing attacks in several countries. Romania is systematically violating those rights, according to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). This undermines the democracy at the workplace and deteriorates the working conditions and the economic situation of the workers.

A better balance between workers’ rights and economic freedom is crucial for achieving a socially just and inclusive society. More rights and influence for the workers enable a fairer distribution of income and wealth, strengthening social cohesion and reducing inequalities.

In our work, we promote a socio-economic model in which strong trade unions and effective social dialogue are a key instrument in building a society that works for the wellbeing of all. In the case of Romania, this involves a number of challenges, which we are trying to address through our activity, from structural internal reforms and modernization of the trade unions to a more worker- friendly legislative framework, which would create the conditions for a real social dialogue at company, sector and national level.


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The platform economy has been expanding in Spain, Portugal, Romania and Germany in the last decade. However, only in Spain and Portugal new…


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Increases of the minimum wage in recent years have been constantly criticized.


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18.4% of employees in Romania started working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, compared to only 0.8% before the pandemic.


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