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Friday, 05.02.2021 - online | Social-ecological transformation | News

Far from disappearing, social movements have adapted to unexpected circumstances and been particularly active during this challenging period.


11.12.2020 | Trade unions and social dialogue | News
Image from Sergey Zolkin via Unsplash

18.4% of employees in Romania started working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, compared to only 0.8% before the pandemic.


03.12.2020 | Trade unions and social dialogue | News
Image from Lenny Kuhne via Unsplash

It is already a truism to say that in Romania work is poorly paid and that the gap between labor and capital is much larger than in Europe.


| Cooperation for peace and security | News

In the thirty years of transformation since 1989–90, Russia has been reborn as an important player shaping European security.


Tuesday, 27.10.2020 - Thursday, 29.10.2020 - online | Democracy and good governance | Events

Resilience is the buzzword of the hour. Like no other crisis of the recent past, the current COVID-19 pandemic is testing the coping capacity limits…


13.10.2020 | Cooperation for peace and security | News

Since years, the eco-system of international affairs is showing signs of malaise. And it is not only about war and weapons, as the COVID-19 crisis has…


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