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Tuesday, 07.12.2021 - Online | Cooperation for peace and security | Events, Publications, News

Zeitenwende. Time for a Reassessment of Romania's Foreign Policy?

Romania´s foreign policy consensus has proven successful over the past three decades: it has allowed the country to remain an island of relative…


Thursday, 25.11.2021 - online conference | Social-ecological transformation | Events

The just transition in Romania

How can we decarbonize the economy without leaving anyone behind


08.11.2021 | not topic related | News


Vacancy notice for Office Manager at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania


03.11.2021 | Cooperation for peace and security | News

New Dimensions of World Domestic Politics

Lecture series on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Chancellor Willy Brandt


Wednesday, 20.10.2021 - online conference | Social-ecological transformation | Events

Comparing Transitions in Post-Communist Eastern Europe and Asia

During the 1990s, centrally planned economies in Eastern Europe (Soviet and non-Soviet countries) and East Asia (China, Vietnam) embarked on deep…


Friday, 15.10.2021 - online conference | Social-ecological transformation | Events

From vulnerable consumers to citizens entitled to energy

How do we overcome energy poverty?


Thursday, 30.09.2021 - online | Social-ecological transformation | Events

Towards a New Development Model in Romania and Central Europe – Challenges for the Future

Romania, as well as other eastern EU member states had a predominantly positive economic development in the last decade.


Tuesday, 28.09.2021 | Cooperation for peace and security | Events, News

Panel discussion: The NATO 2030 Process - Romanian Contributions to NATO's New Strategic Thinking

The reflection process started by the Secretary General Stoltenberg in 2019 under the heading 'NATO 2030' has so far produced several core ideas along…


Friday, 24.09.2021 - Sunday, 26.09.2021 - Sinaia | Democracy and good governance | Events, News

Training program for history teachers

The ultra-nationalist discourse, marked by xenophobia and intolerance towards minorities or immigrants, has been making its presence felt throughout…


Tuesday, 20.07.2021 - Bucharest | Cooperation for peace and security | Events, News

EaP Priorities in a Post-pandemic Setting - What is next after the elections in the Republic of Moldova?

Under the burden of the COVID19-pandemic and its myriad of challenges, some of European Union’s attention was in risk of shifting away from its…


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